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What is your most important financial question?

Often the kinds of questions that have the biggest impact on your life and wealth have little to do with market timing - like whether or not to accept an early retirement package, or when to update your estate plan. These are the kinds of decisions we’ve been helping our clients make for many years, and it’s led us to develop a series of focused services and capabilities around specific client needs.


Bringing Strategy, Order and Clarity to Your Wealth

It can be challenging to maintain a clear picture of your wealth when there is a multitude of details to consider, and no straightforward way to bring them all together.


For professionals and executives, you may have certain wealth strategies in place, but lack clarity around how much risk you’re actually exposed to. These are the details we consider in order to design a strategic plan for the growth, preservation and distribution of your wealth. This often entails:

  • Understanding how your corporate benefits package can work in tandem with your investment portfolio to pursue a sustainable retirement
  • Integrating tax strategy into your strategic plan, as well as decisions around your company stock options and benefits packages
  • Guiding professionals through financial decisions like incorporating or transitioning a practice

“Executives often have a significant stake in their company, but little knowledge of how it will fund their retirement or how tax may affect its value. That’s why it takes a focused planning approach to bring clarity to your wealth.”

David Fernquist, CFP®
Wealth Advisor, Partner


Are you ready for an early retirement?

With all the recent structural changes in the industry, many auto workers and executives are facing unexpected and complicated questions about their retirement:

  • Will my retirement package be sufficient for the lifestyle I want to enjoy?
  • How do I weigh my options objectively?
  • How will I manage this payout, and how does tax come into play?

Our team focuses on helping these individuals make strategic decisions in regards to their retirement options and their finances as a whole. We consider your complete wealth picture and design a strategic plan to help get your investments in order, and to help align your financial strategies with your early retirement needs.

“Many professionals in the auto industry today are having to make life-changing financial decisions in a very short time frame. That’s when it pays to have a methodical process through which you can weigh your options and implement a strategy.”

Larry Rosenberg, CPA
Wealth Advisor, Partner


A Disciplined, Methodical Approach for Business Owners

If you own a business, often your relationship to risk, your concentration of wealth and your considerations for retirement require a specialized, risk-adjusted approach to wealth management.


By evaluating your full wealth picture, we focus on designing a strategic plan that will help balance your priorities, with preservation and active management strategies that are attuned to your tolerance for risk. This often involves:

  • Using a mathematically based risk analysis tool to understand your risk tolerance and help design an investment strategy to match it
  • Implementing tax efficiency strategies in seeking to optimize cash flow
  • Understanding how your assets will fund your retirement, and crafting a retirement income strategy

“As business owners ourselves, we understand how owners think. It’s important to have the kinds of financial strategies and processes in place that are disciplined and consistent – that you know you can rely on while you run your business.”

Mark Lebovitz, CFA®
Wealth Advisor, Partner


Goals and priorities change over time – retirement is no different.

As you approach retirement, often life and career changes repeatedly complicate the question, “Will I have enough?” And once you retire, life continues evolving – yet through it all is the need for preservation.


Our investment philosophy is predicated on an advanced risk management process, and our advice is planning-oriented. Our objective is to help safeguard what’s needed for a long and active retirement, while guiding you through retirement challenges such as:

  • Getting back on track to retirement after changing jobs or careers
  • Implementing a retirement transition plan for those 5-10 years out
  • Supporting your retirement lifestyle with tax-efficient income and drawdown strategies
  • Building a legacy and planning your estate, including philanthropy and transitioning family wealth

“In retirement, when you’re no longer receiving a paycheck, often the last thing you want to be told is to ‘wait out’ the market and ‘focus on the long term.’ That’s why we operate with a different mentality toward risk and volatility – one that can conform more closely to your evolving needs and goals.”

David Fernquist, CFP®
Wealth Advisor, Partner


Family, retirement, lifestyle – how do you balance your priorities?

When family is a central priority, good performance means much more than attaining a certain return target - it’s also about protecting what you have, using smart strategies to fund individual goals, and having plans that can keep up with your evolving needs.


We start by talking through all the values and priorities that are most important to you, so that we can translate them into clear wealth goals. Through an ongoing relationship, we provide guidance and advice, as well as active planning and investing services. For affluent families, this often entails:

  • Investing and saving tax-efficiently for particular goals, like your children’s education or purchasing vacation properties
  • Introducing the rising generation to financial precepts and long-term strategies
  • Fulfilling philanthropic goals through tax-efficient gifting strategies and managing charitable foundations
  • Working with professionals, within our network and your own, to coordinate estate, accounting and other family office services

“Our rare combination of investment, wealth strategy and tax planning expertise is the foundation of our approach to pursuing our clients’ performance goals.”

Mark Lebovitz, CFA®
Wealth Advisor, Partner

Is your bottom line where it should be?

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